2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up


The most important room in the house that energizes the individual and sets him up for success – The 2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up in times of COVID .Working from home can be tricky!! Your wife’s operating a vacuum cleaner in the next room and your kids are too excited to contain their voices. It’s alright to hear these voices on some calls. On other important calls, it just cannot continue !!! .The executive toils hard through the day and at times can feel the need to spend on something exclusive. Something that will alow him to toil hard even when he is not in the mood.So the executive searches hard for the perfect study room with no distractions, a room with the gadgets of his dreams, a room that has the perfect temperature, perfect lighting, an audio and graphics system that is perfect to lift the mood on any given day. The list is endless for that perfect 2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up.I am assuming you already got a laptop from your workplace in case you don’t feel free to research on site like Tech radar website for a sturdy business laptop. I work from a dell inspiron and so do 60% of employees of the orgamization I work with. Dell Inspiron is a small and sturdy laptop and does the job for me.

1. You need a great Monitor for your 2020 Home Office Study Set Up

2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up

You cannot just stare at the small screen of a laptop when you have productivity on your radar. You need a good monitor that you can look at for hours before your eyes feel tired out.

You need a monitor that is big enough to not make a hole in your eyes and yet affordable enough for you not to go over budget!! We would recommend using a utilizing PC MAG website for identifying a Monitor suitable for your requirements

Our recommendation: We tested both AMD’s FreeSync Nvidia’s G-Sync adaptive sync technologies on the Razer Raptor 27 using both an AMD Radeon 5700 XT and Nvidia GeForce 2080Ti, and in each instance the display showed no signs of tearing or slowing down the action.

2. You need a great Keyboard & Mouse to connect your Laptop with.  

2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 is a wireless gadget that lets you use one keyboard to type input into multiple devices. It works with iOS, Mac, Windows and Android devices. Switching between paired devices is done using the selection dial located just above the escape key. This is a nice change from many wireless keyboards made for use with just one device, like Logitech’s own keyboards for iPad.

Time to shop for the best mouse. Remember some users have larger hands and different requirements. Research in the market before you finalize your purchase. You may want to hop onto websites like PC Mag that give you reviews of the the most suitable choices

3. It’s time for some Lighting

I wont recommend you lose extra dough here. Look for a Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp on Amazon and you would get it for a good price. 

4. It’s time for Audio

You need call clarity for calls you take, sound clarity for videos you play and activities you learn. 

The best computer speakers deliver incredible sound, superb sound quality and sometimes even immersive surround sound to elevate your computing experience considerably. That means that they are essential to any PC setup, whether you create a lot of video content, are a hardcore gamer, or simply enjoy blasting tunes and watching movies on your computer. 

2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up

We recommend a Sony HT-RT40 Tall Boy Home Theatre System for your Home Office Study Set Up

Get the best seat in the house. A 3-channel soundbar, subwoofer and powerful tall-boy rear speakers create authentic cinema surround sound, putting you right at the heart of all your favourite movies.

5. 2020 Home Office Study Productivity Set Up is not complete without a good mouse pad. Least to invest in for maximum comfort.  

I invested in a Tizum Z57 Large Felt Desk Mat Mouse Pad for Office & Gaming with 2 Pockets – 635 * 330 mm (Grey). 

Better Looks– This Desk Pad is made of great felt, non-slip, soft and convenient, optimal surface for gaming sensors. Perfect for office and home. Simple and elegant fashionable design makes it be a wonderful desk decor and accessory for you.
Design – This Felt Gaming Desk Mat also can be used for office desk mat, This Large mousepad have 2 pockets to hold pens & your important papers.
Usability – Washable and easy to clean this Desk Pad is built to last and has stitching around its edges to ensure it doesn’t fray or fall apart like other Desk Pads. And if you spill a drink or somehow get food on it you can wash and clean it.
Non-slip: This pad won’t slide around or drift on your desktop when you’re using it. Protect your desktop from stains and scratches, protect your elbow, and you will no longer running out of mouse pad room when playing games.
Quality – Easy to carry around as it weighs only 155 Grams. Rectangular design with size 635 mm x 330 mm fits your table perfectly

2020 Home Office Productivity Set Up
2020 Home Office Productivity Set Up

We recommend using the HomeOfficeDesign website for selecting your products for decorating your study.

To summarize remember MKLAP

1. A good Monitor

2. An awesome keyboard

3. Lighting

4. Audio 

5. A good Mouse Pad

2020 Home Office Productivity Set Up Lighting