5 Tricks for High Productivity


To a lot of people, a typical day feels like a chore with Back to back meetings, emails & phone calls taking a toll on the individual productivity and leaving them stressed. Here are 5 Tricks for High Productivity in 2020

Meetings, E-mails, Phone calls…

To a lot of people, this is what a typical day feels like. Interruptions, lack of attention, and a lack of preparation can interrupt an ordinary day at work. Making subtle improvements to the work environment will help to reduce or avoid some of the day-to-day disruptions and increase productivity because that is possible. Some strategies for improving productivity include organizing the office and avoiding multitasking. Take breaks, detach your phone, and use video messaging tools to reduce meetings and e-mails.

5 Tricks for High Productivity

Stop Multitasking

Yes you are a superman!!! Stop the urge to multitasking. It is important trick out of 5 Tricks for High Productivity

Multitasking is a tempting but unproductive activity at work. Rather than rushing into work and working on ten separate tasks at once, it is easier to take a couple of minutes to schedule your day and tackle one job at a time. A study conducted at London University found that people who have multitasked in cognitive tasks have experienced a decline in IQ, similar to those who have stayed up all night. Instead of using your brain to tackle multiple projects at once, write down what work is required for the day, and set time aside for each.

For instance, work on a 60-90 minute job, check e-mail, take a little break and go to the next job. This schedule with a break is much more manageable than working the whole day on multiple projects and ending none. Through doing one task at a time, your day ‘s work will be multiplied to several tasks. In a week, you would have achieved much more than you had initially done.

Take Regular Breaks

Yes you may sit 5 hours continuously. But highly productive individuals recommend 10000 steps a day!! There must be a reason. # 5 Tricks for High Productivity

Sometimes, we don’t think there are enough hours in the day, especially when we have time limits that are pressing. As a result, we oppose taking breaks or doing anything else that could make our precious time away. Scientists may have a common viewpoint on this, however. It was proved to take a break to:


  • Its effect on mental and physical health is positive.

Too much sitting can put you at an increased risk of diabetes, depression, and obesity. Therefore, you must get up to stretch out from your chair, go on a short walk, or grab lunch

  • They boost innovation.

The worst enemy to your creativity is to work long hours without a break. Putting in more hours doesn’t create more ideas. Great ideas pop up when you foresee them the least. However, when you go on a walk, you can increase your chances of finding inspiration.

People are more likely to generate innovative ideas while walking, according to a recent report. So, don’t get yourself exhausted. Hit the wall for a break, and let your creativity flow.

Put Your Phone Away

This is one of the primary reasons for low productivity. Switch off those notifications. Some productive people also recommend to have have a committed social media time during the day. This by my standards is the #1 trick out of 5 Tricks for High Productivity

Most of us are unable to withstand the temptation to take a look at our phones while at work. Unfortunately, one innocent glance on feed scrolling can turn into wasted hours. Our mobile phones do not only impede our productivity, but they also rob our brains. It has been noted that having a phone within reach makes it more challenging to focus, as a percentage of the mind has to work actively to stop picking up or use the device.

Now think of all the hours you can save and the things you can do if you’re putting away your phone when working. Ask yourself if it is worth the effort to spend too much time on virtual life instead of concentrating on what counts. Use your time wisely and experience efficiency growth.

Skip the long emails for video instead

This is obvious choice if you are looking towards 5 Tricks for High Productivity today

Meetings and e-mails are two of the key culprits of decreased organizational productivity. From making sure the session begins and ends on time to effectively communicating during conferences, meetings are likely to take up much more time than initially planned. Another obstacle to a successful workday, mainly when working collaboratively on a project, is effective e-mail communication.

5 Tricks for High Productivity Organized Desk

Organize Your Workplace

Organizing your workspace together with the workflow tools can significantly improve your productivity. Many advantages of a structured desk are improved relaxation and morale-boosting.

  • Improved Comfort

The stress of losing something valuable, mainly if it is an important work document, can be overwhelming. If you want to feel relaxed at work, and know exactly where things are, by organizing your messy desk, build an open space

  • Boosted confidence.

If you are searching for ways to reveal yourself, bosses, and colleagues, a positive feeling, an organized desk will do the job. It will convey the message that you are not only coordinated but responsible, too.

Every morning getting into a decluttered desk is a subconsciously demoralizing way to start your working day. Small items, like leaving a wrapper or leaving a bunch of sticky notes, will quickly add up and create a nightmare for your workroom.

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An easy way to help fix the clutter in your office is to make minor adjustments to prevent potential confusion. Placing a trash can near your desk is one example, this little change can do incredible things, and all the little clutter from your desk will decrease enormously.

Other examples are the segmentation of your desk, the sorting of things by importance, the tossing of pens and pencils you don’t use, and the removal of office supplies.

Dont' Ditch Those Vitamins

5 Tricks for High Productivity

This is another area of concern for 90% of population. By my standards this is most important out of the 5 Tricks for High Productivity. If you dont take care of your health, then no Productivity masters can help you

Are you ditching those Omega 3 fatty acids? Do you know your body cannot make enough of these? Did you know these help with insomnia and inflammation? 

Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important.

They have many powerful health benefits for your body and brain.

In fact, few nutrients have been studied as thoroughly as omega-3 fatty acids.

This article from healthline may help you understand the benefits of Omega 3s and how they can help you!!

5 Tricks for High Productivity

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The Job is hard enough and makes it easier and more productive with the demands that we all have on us. Although we can’t manage time, we can take the steps necessary to make the most of that. The above tips will help you improve your productivity and learn how to manage your time properly.

There is no need to kill yourself, mind. The trick to improving productivity is to work smarter, not harder.