POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy


It’s not an easy decision to make. Reopening could result in multiple infections and system failure or a shutdown. 

What will be reopening strategy from a Project Manager perspective. We’ll give you a snapshot of POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy

Gary wakes up in the morning. His phone lights up with a notification. He has been asked by his organization to fill out a survey. Over the next couple of minutes, Gary fills out a series of questions that help his organization draw a risk profile of Gary’s susceptibility to catching an infection.

POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy
POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy

Gary’s Risk profile comes out as low risk. A series of flows come alive. A notification has gone out to the transport department to pick up Gary.

Welcome to the POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy

Gary has selected an appropriate cab pick up as per his location. He finds himself alone in backseat in a hatchback. The driver has a thermometer to check Gary’s temperature. Once the driver is content with Gary’s reading, he starts the ride.

Another notification has alerted the facilities team that Gary will be attending office today, so his name appears at the entry gate. A parallel notification goes to cafeteria team to ensure food supplies in the premises.

Meeting rooms in Gary’s location have to be vacuumed and disinfected.

Facilities team has initiated disinfection of entire office location. Washrooms in Gary’s location have to be disinfected every 3 hours.

Once the office is disinfected a notification alerts the VP that the office is ready for functioning from a facilities standpoint.

IT teams have ensured the configurations of desktops to be 6 feet apart. Another notification alerts the VP that the office is ready for functioning from an IT standpoint.

At the entry gate Gary is checked for temperature by the facilities team. All the gates are open, so Gary does not get to touch any object on his way into the premises. Gary is offered Sanitizer and a mask upon his entry. Gary’s manager also gets a notification of Gary making it to office today.

Gary is one of many employees who have certified being ready for office after lockdown. Once all the employees start working the VP gets a notification on the number of employees attending office.

A mid-day notification alerts Gary that he must now schedule a cab to go back. The cab number and driver name pop up 1 hour prior to leaving office. Gary finds himself the second passenger in a SUV vehicle. He gives the code to driver for him to begin the journey.


Once the cab drops Gary a notification alerts his manager on Gary being dropped back safely.

Another alert end of the day alerts the VP on the number of people that attended office.

To sum it up there are 4 components to this POST COVID Era Reopening Strategy:

  • Survey for Employee Risk Profile
  • Survey Linked to Department Level Flows
  • Compliance Checklist of Departments
  • Dashboards & Reporting of Compliance Status

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