Surprising Habits Keeping You from Your Goals !!!

It’s the 21st century!!! As we go out to face the cut throat competition we need to brace ourselves for people who are hyper productive and taking our business from us. There are a lot many reasons to be productive, some of them could be:

  • Get more done in your time!
  • Earn more with your time!
  • Time to think and do something different!
  • Control your time!
  • Improve over time!

Today we’ll look at habits & routines that are keeping you away from being productive – habits that are preventing you & me from getting more done, earn more, doing things differently and improving yourself overtime… It’s important!!!

  1. Not including Salads & Fruits in your Daily food habits!!!
Salads custom made for weight loss!!!

Yes I wrote Salads first!!! And Yes it was deliberate!!!

Welcome to the most trusted and easy way to reduce that fat! Try having a Cucumber Salad or a Papaya salad or any salad without the cream in the afternoons. You will not regret this.

Salads and fruits contain a lot of fiber and their high water content makes them less dense on energy and very filling.

2. Not Fasting!!
Fasting can be fun!!

Fasting not only helps give a rest to you digestive system but it also helps practicing Mindfulness. Did you think not having certain food on certain days or remaining without water was for no reason? Think again.

3. Your Breakfast!!!
What’s a Champion’s Breakfast?

What you eat for breakfast can set the course for your entire day. It determines if you’ll feel full and satisfied until lunch, or if you’ll be heading to the vending machine before your mid-morning snack.

If you have a high Protein Breakfast, you are less likely to have cravings throughout the day!!

To help get your day off to a good start, consider protein sources like eggs, Greek Yogurt, Milk Shakes, Cottage cheese, nuts and chia seeds.

4. Not Enough Water!!!
Water… Get the basics right..

Drinking water boosts your metabolism!! Your body needs water to push out the waste it accumulated and you are not helping your body by drinking it less than required.

Some analysts swear by the benefits of Warm water. Others have water 1 hour before any meal.

5. Too much Caffeine!!!
“Caffeine” Does your day look like this?

Drinking too much coffee can cause stress and anxiety! If you are stressed you are likely to eat much more than a normal human being.

6. Your Sleeping Habits!!!
Work hard but give importance to your sleep!!!

Sleeping less than 8 hours can cause stress! Stress can cause overeating and many other health disorders.

7. Ignoring the Supplements
Supplements ” The No Brainer”

Your body needs fatty acids!! It is not easy to have these foods daily. Fish oil capsules like cod liver oil capsules help you recover this requirement and helps overall body functioning. Benefits of fish oil include improving joint health, reducing inflammation and maintaining healthy skin & eyes.

There are many other supplements that are safe and help you recover food requirements that daily diets cannot fulfill.

8. Your Oral Habits!!!
Spread happiness not “Sourness”

If you brush your teeth just once a day you are likely to have mouth acidity which eventually could cause you have food cravings earlier than normal. One good habit leads to another and this habit is definitely one of them

Lastly you need to track your good habits so as to build a momentum towards your goals. Try the habits template to measure your progress:


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