The # 1 Mistake Of Planning Phase


Mr Roy was the best Project Manager I worked with. He always walked away with numerous laurels for all the Projects he managed.  On the other hand, all other Project Managers were struggling to keep their Projects afloat. All others were victims of The # 1 Mistake Of Planning Phase!!!

Upon deeper interrogation and getting mentored from him closely, I got to know about a unique solution he had developed over the course of years of experience.   


Mr. Roy had developed a very simple spreadsheet, and he had a tab for all of the Project Management Knowledge Areas – Schedule Management, Cost Management, Assumptions & Constraints, Quality, Risk Management, Actions & Issues, etc

The Biggest Mistake Of Planning Phase

Mr. Roy had a very simple Project Management Strategy. He used to arrive in office and open the centralized excel file. 

He used to look at Actions Past Due, Actions Planned and Schedule. From his meetings, he used to capture the Actions Logs thus easily capturing the trail of information as his Project progressed!!! 

Before he finished the day @ 5 PM each day, he used to update the risk logs and any issues that had surfaced!!! 

Guess what his centralized file had a weekly status update that automatically populated what he had to report & share by end of each week to the leadership team. There was no doubt that all the senior leadership teams saw him as the best Project Manager!!!



Mr. Roy’s solution was nothing but a Project Management Plan!!

No! I am not talking about a Project Plan – it’s different!!!  

So don’t lose out steam on your Project in Planning Phase !!! Don’t miss The #1 Mistake Of Planning Phase!!!

The Biggest Mistake Of Planning Phase


Suppose you have to deliver a Program involving two Software Applications. Did you think of the Project Management Solution – Who, When  & How will write the codes? Who, When & How will decide the GUI? Other factors like Testing & GUI of the Application will have to be planned. 

All of this is an arduous exercise and will have to be planned to the last details. 

One of the important aspects of this plan is the task & resource planning. The Project or Program Manager have to ensure to Plan to the T {P > R > O > J > E > C >T}. 

For example, a cost benefit of $2 M has to be realized by the end of your program then you should plan to have the validation from finance and a Single Point Of Contact from Finance is required to do the validation 

Here is the standard definition of how different Project Management bodies define – A Project management plan – It is a formal, approved document that defines how the project is executed, monitored, and controlled. It may be a summary or a detailed document and may include baselines, subsidiary management plans, and other planning documents

From my experience this is a Living Document – It’s not a summary!!!

This living document has Actions and Risks that are updated daily from the Project Manager’s interactions!!!

A typical Project Management Plan has the following components:

-Project Information
-Assumptions & Constraints
-Project Schedules Management
-Project Costs Management
-Resources Management
-Project Quality Management
-Actions Issues & Risks