Top 3 Technology Trends For Leaders in 2020


Top 3 Technology Trends 2020 to stay ahead of competition

The Business environment is changing drastically around us in the 21st century.

There is no doubt that with the advancement of computers around us the playing arena for Managers – be it junior or middle or senior level executives – all have been impacted because of the changes in Technology.

With this article we will focus on just that – Technology

Trend 1 - Expanding Automation & Artificial Intelligence

This is # 1 of Top 3 Technology Trends 2020

Companies are using AI to automate tasks ranging from scheduling to data visualization


  • Predictive Analytics will improve the Project scheduling based on historical analysis of data
  • Actionable Insights from Disparate Data
  • Eliminate Repetitive Administrative Tasks
  • Enhancing visibility for Early Risk Detection
Top 3 Technology Trends 2020

How to Adapt

  • Get trained on high Level A.I and managing teams that use A.I and Robotics
  • Get trained on using tools for A.I – for example Tensor Flow
  • Use Online tools for task assignment, scheduling & reporting
  • You can build Program Management software or use Hive and other Project Management software

Trend 2 - Method Melding

This is # 2 of Top 3 Technology Trends 2020

Agile, Waterfall, and a number of different methodologies are often incorporated into custom blend


  • Managers often find themselves struggling to understand project methodologies, leave alone combining the waterfall, agile & other methodologies
  • As we become more adept at using the intelligence of machines to handle certain parts of our processes, this highlights a manager’s people-focused role as an empathetic listener, anticipator of needs, adept coordinator, tactful negotiator, and motivational leader

How to Adapt

  • Ensure we continuously seek out education in the latest methods so we understand the mindset and environment of our teams
  • We’ve got to become confident at leading projects where we leave room to incorporate aspects of other approaches
  • Train yourself at Emotional Intelligence & other soft skills to make sure you are able to negotiate with a technically competent team

Trend 3 - Greater Focus on Data!!

This is # 3 of Top 3 Technology Trends 2020

The word data means “known facts”. Data especially refers to numbers, but can mean words, sounds, and images. Metadata is data about data. It is used to find data.

Originally, data is the plural of the Latin word datum, from dare, meaning “give”. Datum is rarely used in English. So data often gets used as if it were a singular word. Some people like to say “data are”, not “data is”.

Now that companies can collect large amounts of data, we need to find a use for it. With that mountain of information, companies expect that it must be useful. From understanding customer needs to detailing risks, analyzing data for important insight is a key activity in almost any development project.


  • Algorithms can help analyze some of the data, but the growing availability and importance of data means that project managers will need to step into a data analysis role from time to time

How to Adapt

  • Incorporating data analysis into your process
  • Staying up-to-date on new tools for data visualization and reporting like Google Data Studio, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Using (and choosing) data in ways that effectively present risks, progress, and results to stakeholders
  • As a leader you need to arrange awareness sessions about impact of A.I & Robotics
  • As a leader, you need to arrange a customized training for your middle management positions in managing A.I and Robotics teams
  • Don’t underestimate the power of emotional intelligence and other soft skills get your team trained in this aspect
  • Start with training your leadership teams on easy to use A.I tools for example TensorFlow etc
  • Ensure to continuously seek out education in the latest Project Management Methods like Waterfall, Agile etc so we understand the mindset and environment of our teams

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